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Android CleanArchitecture Kotlin

This is a movies sample app in Kotlin, which is part of a serie of blog posts I have written about architecting android application using different approaches.
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The purpose of this repo is to follow up Clean Architecture principles by bringing them to Android. It is worth saying that the idea is to take advantage of the Kotlin Programming Language features plus also pull in lessons learned and ideas from other interesting approaches like Functional Programming.

Blog post with implementation details explanation:

Architecting Android… Reloaded

Android - Clean Architecture - Java:

There is another Android Clean Architecture repository written in Java: with really nice discussions: Article, lessons learned and some more material coming up. Check the following known bugs and TODO list.

Other material worth reading:

Architecting Android…The clean way?

Architecting Android…The evolution

Tasting Dagger 2 on Android

Clean Architecture…Dynamic Parameters in Use Cases


Sample app


Clean Architecture


Android 3 Layers Architecture


UI Layer: MVVM


Data Layer: Repository


Local Development

Here are some useful Gradle/adb commands for executing this example:

  • ./gradlew runApp - Builds and install the debug apk on the current connected device.
  • ./gradlew compileApp - Builds the debug apk.
  • ./gradlew runUnitTests - Execute unit tests (both unit and integration).
  • ./gradlew runAcceptanceTests - Execute acceptance and instrumentation tests in the connected device.
  • ./gradlew runTestCoverage - Reports code coverage on tests within the Android codebase.
  • ./gradlew runStaticCodeAnalysis - Run static analysis on the Android codebase.


Refer to the issues section:


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